Welcome future Gen Roc Star

You have been recruited for a mission critical to the survival of life on Earth.  Species on Earth are under attack from a deadly virus known as X7E8, a genetic time bomb that disables the DNA repair mechanism essential to all life.  X7E8 has rapidly evolved after decimating bee and insect colonies and is now threatening the existence of higher animals.  Our genetic code must adapt more quickly or human extinction is inevitable. You have been recruited to join other scientists at the Genetic Recombination Center or GenRoc, located on Jupiter’s moon Europa.  

Scientists at GenRoc are in a race to create new hybrid species called XPETS with DNA potentially capable of resisting this fatal virus.  Your challenge is to create and nurture as many XPETS as possible.  One of your XPETS could hold the genetic key to our survival. Humanity is depending on you.  Good luck, scientist.  



From a Sharkbear to an Octomoose, you can create over 550 different kinds of new XPETS species.  


The better you care for your XPETS, the happier they are, and the more credits you earn.  Use these credits to enhance your Biomes with cool stuff like treehouses and caves where your XPETS can hang out.


Build up to ten different Biomes featuring three unique environment types: Pacific Northwest, Atlantic Ocean and African Plains.


Practice your DNA Replication and Sequencing skills by playing games in the Holosphere.  Accept and complete grants on time to earn special rewards.  Send your XPETS on special missions to record critical data.  Earn new genetic maps and resources along the way to help you create a wider variety of XPETS.

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